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Forks Posse

Forks Posse: The kids are all fucked up
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Twilight's obscure human teenagers; we love them.

Hello all! You've found yourselves amongst a group of human lovers.

Not just any human lovers but the humans from Stephenie Meyer's book series Twilight. Not that we don't love the other more mainstream characters from Twilight because we do, but we feel that the humans of Forks High School don't get the love they deserve. You know what I mean, the fics where they are portrayed as rapists or cheerleaders who make life miserable for the main characters. We are of the belief that it is the other way around, I think any of the humans of Forks High would tell you it's not easy to live in the shadow of the Cullens (especially that perfect pretty boy Edward), the La Push Gang or Bella in all her plain glory for that matter.

Just give humans a chance folks!

We also dedicate ourselves to those special people known as Twilight Film Extras. They are going to be the make or break of the movie folks. I mean they are so dedicated that they do rain dances and hold their own umbrellas on the set - or worse yet don't even have umbrellas (ellas ellas eh eh eh)!

We are against Bestiality, Necrophilia, and Pedophilia in all forms.

TEAM HUMAN! The only way to be Pro (Bella's) Life!

1. Post must somehow relate to the Forks Posse
While the rest of the books characters are great this is the little slice of the fandom
purely dedicated to the smaller characters in the book.
If you are going to talk about the big players make sure it relates
to one of our homosapiens as well.

2. No meanness in general!
Period. Exclamation mark! Question mark? Point is don't be haters.
We love everyone...even if they do ship Tyler/Mike/Lauren/Ben/Angela.

3. Character Critique MUST be legiable and reasonable.
example of NOT reasonable I hate Mike cause he is Stoopid
UNLESS you have a reason for thinking he is stupid, this is not acceptable.

4. Any fanfiction/icons/graphic with posse characters are welcome.
We prefer to keep to posse here guys, though as long as there is posse involved in graphics, its welcome, remember one icon/banner is better then none!
Any fanfiction has to have at least ONE posse member as a standout part.
Our beloved posse isn't just made up of plot devices ya know!

5. Please all our little human lovers, HAVE FUN!

Your Mods:
Kelfu aka desert_dolly
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robert_kristen, kelmett_happens,
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fireicewater, emmett_rosalie

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This is our first community and we have to give heaps and heaps of thanks to kisuvampyr and make_me_irish. Without all you spelling this out in crayon for me helping me I would not have made it past the "Create a Community" page.