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2nd-Jul-2008 08:52 am - Twilight Tuesday
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Oh looks its a Twilight Tuesday for of none other then Mike/Mike!

And for those that might think there is too much mike/mike here (goodness forbid) I also have a set picture from a mini mtv gallery from the school feild trip. Yes that means humans!

You can find the MTV interview of Mike here, theres a YouTube version here.

And another with Mike about the chic NoMoreMarbles can be found here

Now for the set picture of the feild trip, here is the mini gallery it is in Im also going to add a copy for those that possibly can't see it.

Enjoy Guys!
24th-Jun-2008 11:54 pm - New myspace post by Mike/Mike
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Mike/Mike sure is popular. And he likes to update his myspace which is coolies.

Im a few days late here, but apologies for being a bad mod, but he posted another blog on his myspace. This time to tell everyone about a new website dedicated to him!

This is the website: michael-welch.com

His actual post under the cutCollapse )

Souce is here
19th-Jun-2008 06:07 pm - Christian & Justin "Interview."
So, the Lexicon "interviewed" ( i don't really know how to call it if not lol) Christian and Justin on the TW set, and well, Human love. <3 I didn't understand half of it, but my head hurts, so, well... here is the vid:

10th-Jun-2008 10:32 pm - A everyones Kungfu fighting!
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Yes I still feel like a horrible mod, but I decided that I had to post something tonight other then random updates I find about.

So here we go, another random question we can have a discussion over! Just one this time, and I hope its fun cause I think its a fun question :)

If goodness somehow a kungfu fight were to break out between Mike, Tyler, Eric & Ben in the caffateria.

Who would you want to win?
Who do you think would ACTUALLY win?

No Vamps interference as its sunny and they're off 'camping' as they do.


My answer, who'd I want to win?
Ben hands down!

Who'd I think would actually win....
Thats a toughie, maybe Mike, could be Eric, never can tell with the quiet one, Ben could go with that reasoning too... Poor Tyler isn't making my radar since Im thinking he'd need to plow the others down with his truck XD
28th-May-2008 10:52 pm - Twilight Tuesday
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This is later then Tuesday I know, Im horribly slow and everyone has probably already seen this already. I feel like a bad mod as anyways so I didn't want to make it worse and skip on something I should share :p

Mike was in Twilight Tuesdays! Just like he said. He answers his question in this vid after the Producer. Its a bita way in so bare with it, its good I promise! You can find the MTV article here :)

For those that cant see above, I've found alternate sources for you, (I tried to get it myself and I failz so I bring you others)

The whole Twilight Tuesday Vids is on YouTube Here:
(Mikes part starts at 2:29)

Or you can download the segment that includes Mike from http://www.ifelthope.net/ here:
Download it from here!!

19th-May-2008 09:47 am - Asking for advice
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Mike/Mike must be busy, we got another blog space, two in one week :) awesome.

And, LOOKIE! He is asking for advice from twilighters! Im going to put the text behind the cut, but for those from myspace, and would like to actually give him 'advice' on his request, please see HERE!


AND, sweden_girl25 messaged Justin Chon on his myspace, I don't know it, I should look, but he replied, only short. You can find thier post about it, Here @ twilight_film

18th-May-2008 12:07 pm - Another myspace blog
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Mike/Mike has updated his Myspace blog again :) And this time he leads us to an interview/chat he had with a relative of sorts!

You can find it Here!

Enjoy guys!
5th-May-2008 08:40 pm - HUMAN SIGHTING
austen ; lizzie ; book
So we've all probably seen the teaser a million and six times, and in one of those times I spotted THE HUMANS!

bella's posseCollapse )
3rd-May-2008 12:25 pm - Human Picties!
Ok, so, i've got the more weirds way to find stuff!!
So, Yay for Ang, Eric and Mike <3!

Christian Serratos (Angela) updated her myspace...

and voilà: prom niteCollapse )

EDIT!!! I found the interview! *smiles* JoBlo.com made it, is here.
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