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[Angela/Emmett] The Bear and the Bee

I apologize for the crackiness of my OTP. I will not, however, apologize for turning this into a Witch!Angela AU. Because she's even more awesome that way.

Author: tunasaladsonnet
Rating: PG, for the teeniest bit of language at the end and various mentions of blood.
Spoilers: None!
Characters/Pairings: Angela/Emmett, cameos/mentions of various Cullens and humans.
Notes/Continuation: Done for 1sentence, though I totally cheated with brackets.

Goes into a Witch!Angela AU pretty early on, though the timestream jumps all over the place. Sort-of-not-really-kinda a sequel to whomever's Alice Throws a Halloween Party.

( And thus did the Bear fall in love with that one girl from Biology. )
Tags: angela weber, fanfiction
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